1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. How To Add Our Plugin?
  4. Installation Of Plugin
  5. Configure The Plugin
  6. Use Our Plugin
  7. Support

Custom Product Tabs Plugin User Guidelines

You can now show your product information using tabs.
This plugin allows Admin :
  1. 1.To show or hide default tabs.
  2. 2.To add single tab.
  3. 3.To add multiple tabs.
  4. 4.Add tab to single product.
  5. 5.Add tab to multiple products.


  1. You can add single or multiple tabs at the same time.
  2. You can add tab to single product.
  3. You can add tab to multiple products.
  4. You can give full description of product in the form of hyperlink,video,image,html code or text using the tab.
  5. You can show product details in the form of tabs using this plugin or hide these tabs and show the details as it was before adding the plugin.
  6. You can get reviews from users using 'Reviews' tab which gets added through plugin.

How To Add Our Plugin?

* We are assuming that you already have Nop-Commerce website.
* To use our plugin you need to copy-paste this plugin to your Plugins folder which is there in your website.

Installation Of Plugin

* To install plugin go to administrator -> Configuration ->Plugins, you will get list of all plugins present in nopcommerce.

* If you are not able to get the plugin listed here ,click on Reload list of plugins.Install the plugin by clicking on Install button.

Configure The Plugin

* After installation you will be able to enable it. To enable the plugin click on Edit button/link and you will get the similar page.

* Then Configure the plugin.

* Here initially all three tabs are checked.


Use Our Plugin

* For use this plugin You need to follow These Steps

* Here you can uncheck any tab or all tabs according to your requirement and save them.

* Your Product details page will look like this.

* Now to add your custom tab go to Plugins => Product Tab =>Add New.(You can add tab Only from here)

* Here you have to fill all the fields and save them.

* Your tab gets added in the list,you can edit or delete this tab.


Now, you can add Description to tab by Two ways:

I. Go to Catalog => Products =>Manage Products => Edit =>ProductTab
* Here you will get your added tab and you can add its Description for the selected product.

* Here select tab name, add description,enable it and save.

* You will find your product tab added in the list.You can edit or delete it from here.

* You can add more products for the same tab as shown below by following above procedure.(one product for one's only for same tab)

* Go to Home Page,then click on the product to get its details and then you can see your new tab got added.

II. Go to Plugins => Product Tab =>Add New
* From here you can show the single tab on multiple products.Add another tab and here you have to add product on which you want to show the tab by clicking "Add Products" link.

* Here add description of tab for the required product,select single or multiple products from the product list and save it. (you can search product by its name here)

* Go to Home Page,then click on the product to get its details and then you can see your new tab got added.

* User can also gives their Reviews using 'Reviews' tab.


If you face problems with the installation or customization of our plugin please do not hesitate to contact us :