1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. How To Add Our Plugin?
  4. Installation Of Plugin
  5. Configure The Plugin
  6. Use Our Plugin
  7. Support

Google Adsense Plugin User Guidelines

Now you can show Advertises on your Home Page.
Using this plugin Admin can control:
  1. 1.Number of advertises to show on home page..
  2. 2.Widget(place on webpage) on which to show advertises.


  1. You can add single or multiple advertises at the same time.
  2. You can select single or multiple widgetzones at the same time.
  3. You can set widget on which to show your advertises.
  4. You can select multiple images for same widget ,they will appear one after the other.
  5. You can set multiple advertises for different widgets.

How To Add Our Plugin?

* We are assuming that you already have Nop-Commerce website.
* To use our plugin you need to copy-paste this plugin to your Plugins folder which is there in your website.

Installation Of Plugin

* To install plugin go to administrator -> Configuration ->Plugins, you will get list of all plugins present in nopcommerce.

* If you are not able to get the plugin listed here ,click on Reload list of plugins.Install the plugin by clicking on Install button.

Configure The Plugin

* After installation you will be able to enable it. To enable the plugin click on Edit button/link and you will get the similar page.

* Then Configure the plugin.

* Here 5 widget zones are present.You can enable one or many at same time to display your advertisements. You can select the widget zone which you want and have to enter Google Adsense code.


Use Our Plugin

For use this plugin You need to follow These Steps

* Here in widgetzone home page top widget is selected and code is entered.

* Go to Home Page and here you will find the advertisement using this plugin.


If you face problems with the installation or customization of our plugin please do not hesitate to contact us :