1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. How To Add Our Plugin?
  4. Installation Of Plugin
  5. Enable The Plugin
  6. Use Our Plugin
  7. Support

Landing Page Plugin User Guidelines

Now you can have Landing page as a first page on your website.
This plugin allows user to do following things:
  1. 1. Registration if he is new user.
  2. 2. Login if he is a registered user.
  3. 3. As we have provided cshtml file with the plugin Admin can change the look of page as per his requirement.


  1. This is a Landing Page Plugin using which you can get your landing page as first page when you start your website.
  2. In this you can get both Register and Login tabs on same screen.
  3. So no need to have seperate screens for register and login.
  4. As we have provided cshtml file of plugin admin can change the look of page as per his own website.

How To Add Our Plugin?

* We are assuming that you already have Nop-Commerce website.
* To use our plugin you need to copy-paste this plugin to your Plugins folder which is there in your website.

Installation Of Plugin

* To install plugin go to administrator -> Configuration ->Plugins, you will get list of all plugins present in nopcommerce.

* If you are not able to get the plugin listed here ,click on Reload list of plugins.Install the plugin by clicking on Install button.

Enable The Plugin

* After installation you will be able to enable it. To enable the plugin click on Edit button/link and you will get the similar page.

* No need to Configure the plugin.

Use Our Plugin

* For use this plugin You need to follow These Steps:

* After enabling plugin when you will go to home page and logout from there,you can get the StartUp page which will act as your landing page. Here two tabs present on the same screen for Registration and Login.

* Register:Fill all required information and you will get registered to the site.

* You will reach to your home page.

* Login:Fill your login credentials.

* You will reach to your home page.


If you face problems with the installation or customization of our plugin please do not hesitate to contact us :