1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. How To Add Our Plugin?
  4. Installation Of Plugin
  5. Configure The Plugin
  6. Use Our Plugin
  7. Support

Products Ribbon Plugin User Guidelines

Now you can add Ribbons to the products which you are showing on home page.
Using this plugin Admin can control:
  1. 1.Adding ,Updating and Deleting the ribbon.
  2. 2.Number of ribbon to show.
  3. 3.Type of ribbon to show.
  4. 4.Duration of ribbon to show.


  1. You can add single or multiple ribbons at the same time.
  2. You can add any text on ribbon which is upto 12 characters.
  3. You can add one ribbon to multiple products.
  4. You can add multiple ribbons to same products as well.
  5. You can get list of all products to which you have applied ribbons and update or delete them.

How To Add Our Plugin?

* We are assuming that you already have Nop-Commerce website.
* To use our plugin you need to copy-paste this plugin to your Plugins folder which is there in your website.

Installation Of Plugin

* To install plugin go to administrator -> Configuration ->Plugins, you will get list of all plugins present in nopcommerce.

* If you are not able to get the plugin listed here ,click on Reload list of plugins.Install the plugin by clicking on Install button.


Configure The Plugin

* After installation you will be able to enable it. To enable the plugin click on Edit button/link and you will get the similar page.


Use Our Plugin

For use this plugin You need to follow These Steps:

* After installation you will find plugins menu added in the menu bar,from that you can add ribbon to any product and get list of all products to which you have added ribbons.

* After clicking on Add Ribbon you will get all ribbons page from which you have to select the "Add This" button of ribbon which you want to attach to product.

* After clicking on Add This button of required ribbon, you will able to put a ribbon on particular product. Here you need to Set start date, End Date and Ribbon Text,apply it and select the required product.


* Here:

Start date –starting date of ribbon addition to a product

End date - ending date of ribbon to a product

Ribbon text – text which will appear on ribbon e.g. here is sale ,check the Apply checkbox and when you check the checkboxes of the products on which you want to show ribbon, those products numbers will appear on Selected Products and then save it.

* When you will click on Ribbon Product List menu ,you will get list of all products on which you have added ribbons.From here you can Edit and Delete the record.

* After clicking on Edit button you can get similar page.From here you can update all data or go to Ribbon Prouct List.

* After clicking on Change ribbon link you can get similar page.From here you can select the ribbon which you want to assign.

* Go to Home Page and here you will find single ribbon attached to products.

* You can add multiple ribbons to any product as well like this.



If you face problems with the installation or customization of our plugin please do not hesitate to contact us :