1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. How To Add Our Plugin?
  4. Installation Of Plugin
  5. Configure The Plugin
  6. Use Our Plugin
  7. Support

Vendor Management Plugin User Guidelines

Now give subscriptions to your vendors for using your site, Vendor Management plugin allows site administrator to create various subscription plans for Vendors. This plugin allows vendor registration and plan subscription to that vendor with Plan payment processing. In current subscription scope admin can control following things:
  1. 1. Allow number of products to be uploaded under plan.
  2. 2. Allow Categories for which vendor can upload the product.
  3. 3. Allow Duration of the subscription.
  4. 4. Allow to change the look of pages as per requirement using cshtml file.


  1. This is an exclusive Vendor Management Plugin where vendor can register themselves seperately.
  2. Admin can add his subscription plans,assign categories and update them.
  3. If Admin has not created any plans plugin will have its own default plan and vendor registration still works.
  4. Admin can add any number of plans one plan will always be to default.
  5. Admin can change plan of any vendor from his console.
  6. Vendor can select any suscription plan for them.
  7. Vendor can update or change the selected plan and upload his products according categories assign to plan by admin.
  8. Email notification for vendor registration and plan activities like plan subscriptions or updating.
  9. If you want to send above emails to admin as well then you need to add admin's email-id as BCC.
  10. Plugin currently controls vendors by Product count, duration of plan and category allowed in plan.
  11. As we have provided cshtml file of plugin admin can change the look of pages as per his own website.
Example screen


How To Add Our Plugin?

* We are assuming that you already have Nop-Commerce website.
* To use our plugin you need to copy-paste this plugin to your Plugins folder which is there in your website.

* Now you need to change three views from your nopcommerce website.
1.Go to Nop Source => Presentation => Nop.Web => Administration => Views => Order => _OrderDetails.Info.
Replace your view with our view.

2.Go to Nop Source => Presentation => Nop.Web => Administration => Views => Product => _CreateOrUpdate.Categories.
Replace your view with our view.

3.Go to Nop Source => Presentation => Nop.Web => Administration => Views => Product => List.
Replace your view with our view.

Installation Of Plugin

* To install plugin go to administrator -> Configuration ->Plugins, you will get list of all plugins present in nopcommerce.

* If you are not able to get the plugin listed here ,click on Reload list of plugins.Install the plugin by clicking on Install button.

Configure The Plugin

* After installation you will be able to enable it. To enable the plugin click on Edit button/link and you will get the similar page.

* Then Configure the plugin.


* Here you have to select this button so that you can add subscription plans table for vendor and save it.


* If you want to delete subscription plan table then you can delete it by selecting WantToDeletePlansTable button and save it. Usig this you can delete any previous table which you don't need and create new subscription plan table.


* After deleting table also you can use the plugin to register vendor customer directly.


* Use Our Plugin

Administrator Area

For use this plugin You need to follow These Steps:
* Go to Plugins => Vendor Management => Subscription plans to add your plans as in figure.

* Add all information regarding the plan and click on 'Save and Continue Edit' to set categories for that plan. Note that the first plan you added will become the default plan.But if you want to change the default plan then you can make any other plan as your default plan later.

* Go to categories and add the categories which you want to assign for your plan.

* Here I have added few plans and silver is my default plan.

* When you click on Plugins => Vendor Managements => Vendor Customers,you will get list of all customers which has been registered as a vendor.

* From here you can edit the plan of vendor.

* If vendor has selected payment method Cash on delivery as a offline payment then you have to go to
Sales => Order => Edit, then payment status => mark it as paid after getting payment, then only any other plan will get assign to that vendor else he will be assigned by default plan.

* After vendor registration or his plan updation respective email gets added in queued email.


Vendor Area

* Click on Vendor Register link you will get registration page.After filling all information click on Register button. If Admin has not enabled subscription plans then customer is directly gets registered as a vendor for such vendors a default plan gets assigned after addition of subscription plans.

* If Admin has enabled subscription plan then after clicking on Register button you will reach on Plans page and you have to select the plan. As in figure there is a silver plan which is set as default plan by admin but I have selected Gold plan.

* After clicking on any plan you will get 'Select Payment Methods' page.Here all payment methods provided by admin are available, then click on Continue.

* You will get the payment information page => Continue.

* You will get the Confirm Order page.

* As here selected paymentmethod is Cash on delivery when admin gets your payment then only your selected plan will be assigned to you.

* After admin will get your payment your plan will be assigned to you.

* If you want to update your plan or want to select other paln,login using vendor credentials, go to your profile there you will get link of Subscription Plan and update your plan.


If you face problems with the installation or customization of our plugin please do not hesitate to contact us :